Let us share a little about our story with you

Two19 is based in the beautiful city of Hobart in Tasmania. Our founders from the UK and Australia, uphold a deep passion for design, technology and attention to detail. Two19 practices a broad range of skills, from Branding and app development, to game design.

Over the past 2 years, we have been focused on designing and building our first card game, Kingless. Kingless originated from our desire to build a game that was fast to play, easy to learn and most importantly, fun.

We recently announced that we are working on our next project and expansion to Kingless, the Festival of Explosions

Meet the team

Sebastian J Roberts

Co Founder, Managing Director

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Alex Kenworthy-Neale

Co Founder, Creative Director

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Nathan Brown

Co Founder, Director of Game Design



Social Media Manager

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