The Shakeup: Time for a change

The Shakeup: Time for a change

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Alex and I have been writing our monthly shakeup now for over 2 years! They started off as a way to keep our Kickstarter backers up-to-date with the progress on manufacturing Kingless. Shortly after, the shakeup morphed into our monthly roundup of news and updates.
Since then, Two19 has changed a little. We've recently launched our new Podcast, The Big Milkshake. This has proven to be such a fun and exciting endeavour for us, it's changed the way I have thought about providing these updates.

Going forward, we are planning to do something a little different with the Shakeup. We are getting close to launching our new behind-the-scenes club, Club Two19 where we will share all sorts of never before seen content, including Artwork, Video content, pre-show podcast episodes and much more. We will have more on this in the coming weeks, but it's going to be a lot of fun. 
Like a fine wine pairing, Alex and I have been working on building a new set to shoot some juicy video content. We are not quite ready to start filming just yet, hence the written update again this month, but this will be the new format going forward. It's also the perfect spot to share some of the new cards and mechanics you will see in the Festival of Explosions.

Oh, and if you made it this far down, we will be exhibiting at PAX Australia this year... More to come on this later! 🤫
See you all very soon for our first video! 

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