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Our Podcast

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Today is the big day - our podcast goes LIVE, and I could not be more excited to share it with everyone!

I remember the very first meeting I had with the team when the idea of starting a podcast began brewing. I knew I was incredibly keen from the get-go to help make this happen - I was in my final semester of uni finishing my degree in Media Communication, so I was so enthusiastic to jump in and put some of my skills into some fun Two19 content!
I have some experience featuring in gaming podcasts, but had never hosted, produced and edited one before... until now! It was definitely a challenge, but such an amazing experience.

By starting this podcast, we wanted to tell people more about who Two19 are, what we do, and what goes into making a tabletop game. So whether you’re a tabletop fan, a fan of Kingless and/or looking at creating your own game - this show is for you!

We knew our first episode was going to be about introducing the team and of course - talking about Kingless.  As the newbie of the team and fan of the game, I personally had so many questions to ask! I almost forgot at times we were recording because I just wanted to keep chatting - it sometimes got to the point where we debated whether the answers to some questions might be worth being a whole episode in itself! There were also some absolute gems during recording from the team that would make some quality bloopers…

While we film our next episodes, if you have a question that hasn't been asked yet - let us know! You can comment on this post, tweet us or drop us a DM - who knows, maybe we'll shout you out in our next episode!

There were admittedly a few nerves before hitting 'record', but I could not be prouder of Sebastian, Alex and Nathan - getting to listen back to our chats during the editing process was so rewarding to watch come together. I grabbed any spare moment I could at the computer to work on the episode, and I sometimes caught myself smiling while watching the show back. The guys might tell you I made them sound good, but I guarantee they won't admit they are podcast naturals!

Here’s a team photo taken from our second episode, coming soon!

Something that was really important to me when it came to creating the podcast is making sure it was available in as many formats as possible. For our first episode we have the video of our show on YouTube, the audio available on many streaming platforms, and the transcript of the show available here on The Big Milkshake website. 
I wanted to make sure that it was accessible as possible so anyone and everyone can tune in to the show in some way. So whether you want to watch our episode on TV, listen to our episode on-the-go and/or read the episode's transcript, you can do so wherever you go! The next step is to add (accurate subtitles) to our YouTube episodes.

I truly hope you enjoy the first episode of The Big Milkshake Podcast. If you love it, make sure to subscribe to the platform(s) of your choice so you don't miss future episodes!
Thank you to Sebastian, Alex and Nathan for trusting me with leading the way with the show - I couldn't be prouder to finally debut this episode, and I can't wait to share the many more episodes we record together!