One thing that consistently excites me about our projects at Two19 is how different it is to step back from the digital world we are all immersed in, and design something physical that brings people together in a tangible way.

A small part of our design work for the most significant of these projects, Kingless, was deciding which of the players should start the game. We came up with an elegant, on-theme solution by making the shortest player begin. This isn't anything new. In fact, this is a staple of all games, someone has to begin. But wouldn't it be nice if every game could start a different way?

Unlike digital products, where you can push out content updates, physically manufactured games, designed to last a lifetime, are a lot more difficult. You can pass the onus onto the player, allowing them to decide their own way of choosing the player who goes first, but oftentimes this is an unneeded barrier to beginning.

This is why we decided to work on a modern-day solution to drawing the short straw, delivered as a digital app. We call this DecideOn.

 DecideOn is our way of combing both the physical and digital in its simplest form. allowing players to quickly and easily decide "who goes first?" With hundreds of hand-crafted "Deciders" neatly organised into various topic packs and many more to come in the future, there are clear advantages to launching DecideOn digitally.

This is the first digital product for Two19, going from design concept to reality in a surprisingly short timeframe. We have lots more planned in the future; Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV apps, cloud sync, and a bunch more topic packs. This is just the beginning for DecideOn, Two19 and our journey into producing digital offerings alongside our physical ones.

DecideOn is available on the app store starting today.